A “New” Natural Approach to Treating Vitiligo?

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Vitiligo is one of those rare conditions that no one has ever heard of (My spell checker keeps insisting that it isn’t a word), but for the one percent of all humans who are affected by it, it is never far from the front of their minds.

For those of you not in the know, Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes parts of your skin to lose their pigment. Modern medicine has no explanation for why it does this. For some reason, sometimes skin pigment cells – melanocytes, just die or stop working, leaving your skin covered in blotchy white patches.

What Causes Vitiligo? Are There Treatments?

The short answer is that we have no idea what causes vitiligo, but there are ways to treat it and regain some or all color in effected areas of your skin. Mostly, these involve steroids or blasting the skin with UV-lamps every day.

Natural Carrot Juice Vitiligo TreatmentIf you do your research, you’ll quickly learn that a natural treatment for vitiligo skin disorder does exist, along with many more home remedies. Some are believable, like taking multivitamins and applying aloe vera to affected areas as soon as spots are noticed. Others are offering less believable advice, like “stop eating gluten”. And some suggestions are so weird that I can only think that the people who suggested them are having a laugh. One website suggests rubbing carrot juice all over your body every day, followed by a full cup of carrot juice. Drinking excessive carrot juice will turn your skin yellow, but it probably won’t cure your vitiligo.

In all honesty, in my time spent searching for a natural vitiligo treatment, I found a lot of products that claim to treat the condition, but have nothing to back their claim up. These are just amoral people out to make a quick buck off vitiligo sufferers. Their products always mysteriously vanish once the dissatisfied customers begin demanding money back for products that don’t work. I have only found one product that I would feel happy to recommend to another human being. That product is Vitiligo Organics.

Vitiligo Organics

Vitiligo organics is an Australian based company who produce a certified organic-ointment to treat vitiligo. The main ingredient in their remedy is high quality organic coconut oil, which they source from another Australian based company called Kokonut Pacific.

Vitiligo organics comes at a pretty hefty price tag; ranging from $89 for their 125ml bottle, to $459 for their 1000ml bottle. Treatment for vitiligo is not a short term thing -it can take up to six months before your pigment is returned. For this reason, if you are going to go with vitligo organics, then I would suggest buying in bulk. It works out cheaper in the long run.

As a side note, vitiligo organics cream also doubles as a UV protective sunscreen! Skin that is suffering from pigment loss can be very sensitive to sunlight, resulting in nasty sunburns. Having a vitiligo treatment cream that doubles as a sunblock is a huge help to all those who suffer from vitiligo in areas that are not normally covered by clothing.

To sum up, there is a lot of misinformation out there about vitiligo. We don’t know what causes it, or how to quickly and effectively treat it. The same treatment that works for one person may not work for another person. There are a lot of old wives tales and nonsense floating around that can turn your skin all kinds of colors. The only real option is somewhat expensive, and it is not fast. However, it does work if you are willing to religiously apply it every day for several months.

Let us know if you find something that works, or if you feel I’ve missed anything out here that vitiligo sufferers should know about!

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